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Remove Oil Waste From Your Facility Completely

Our local waste cooking oil collector in Tyler, TX has got you covered

Once your restaurant has been using the same oil for a while, you'll have to change it out. Instead of storing oil on-site and letting it pollute the air, turn to the fryer cleaners at East Texas Enviro Services in Tyler, TX. Our local waste cooking oil collectors make oil cleanups easy, fast and eco-friendly. Get a free estimate on a job by calling today.

Practicing sustainable processes goes a long way

When you leave fryer cleaner duties to us, we'll make it worth your while. Our sustainable practices allow your restaurant, hospital or country club to take advantage of:

Cost-effective cleaning services: Cleaner fryers means that the oil will stay fresher for longer, making food taste better.
Reduced labor costs: With us as your local waste cooking oil collector, your team can stay focused on other jobs and avoid injury.
Sanitary facilities: Storing oil is a hazard. Ditch oil storage containers by letting us clean your facilities.

We'll make sure that your facility stays clean. Schedule regular oil pickups or just call ahead by reaching out to 903-312-1438 today.

Your local waste cooking oil collector and fryer cleaner for East Texas

We bring green service solutions to the commercial kitchen! ‚Äč- Chris Eakin, Owner

Cost Effective Cleaning Service

The way in which we handle the waste oil allows our buyers to get a better yield than the more traditional oil collectors. This allows us to offset the cost of the fryer cleaning service.

Cost Effective Cleaning Service

Clean fryers operate more efficiently and reduced carbon in fryers increases oil life and food quality.

Reduced Labor Cost

We eliminate the need for employees to handle the waste oil from the fryers. The employees no longer have to clean the fryers with the utilization of our service. This reduces employee exposure to handling hot oil resulting in fewer accidents and insurance claims

Eco Friendly

With our oil collection service we are an eco-friendly service where all the waste oil is removed from the premises at the time of service, eliminating the need for an onsite collection bin. No more overflowing bins out behind the store and no more rodents, etc

Sanitary Facilities

Waste oil is removed off premises at time of service - no need to store oil in unsightly and unsanitary oil bins. This eliminates the chance of oil spills due to hauling oil to an overflowing dump bin. Waste oil is recycled into biofuels or used in many other industries. No chemicals are used!